semiotic guerrilla warfare


name us ad the contract will be sealed

One of these days I’ll go to jail for assaulting a street harasser. I feel it.


Larissa Hofmann
Peter Som Spring 2015 NYFW


every time i feel anxious i recall zadie smith’s words in white teeth about how no one deserves love all the time, that all we deserve is food, water, and shelter. i do not think she was calling for self-abasement but asking us to make our own way for ourselves, to expect from the world as much as we work to cull from it, and to take losses in stride as an inevitable portion of life’s offerings.

when u poop and feel like u lost 10 pounds instantly > the beatles

The Parsons library doesn’t have very many resources or writings on makeup and I think that is very telling of the general attitudes toward it


Hunger Magazine #7, Blue

Grace Bol by Simon Burstall

I bonded with one of my professors over yellow lipstick today